15 DIY Paper Craft Ideas

15 DIY Paper Craft Ideas


My family has always had a knack for taking something simple and turning it into something extraordinary.  My sister-in-law will take a small, simple gift and make it the most amazing present ever. My mother can make a bland and dull room into the most magical place.  I’ve always been envious of that. This list will show you all how to add your own personal touch to basically anything just by using paper!  It will show you how to lighten that dull room to something colorful and vibrant. You can even make your own gift boxes that I’m sure people would love just as much as the present! Just follow the simple steps with each of these crafts to get started!



DIY Paper Bow Craft - 15 DIY Paper Bow Craft Ideas

1. DIY Paper Bow from So You Think You’re Crafty


DIY Paper Box Craft

2. DIY Paper Box Organizer from I Heart Organizing


DIY Cascading Paper Flower Decor Craft

3. Cascading Paper Flower Decor Craft from Lia Griffith


DIY Paper Star Lantern Craft

4. DIY Paper Star Lanterns from Me and My DIY


DIY Paper Fortune Cookie Craft

5. Paper Fortune Cookie Craft from Unsophisticook


DIY Paper Envelope Craft

6. DIY Paper Envelope Craft from Eclectically Vintage


DIY Paper Heart Wall Decor  Craft

7. Paper Heart Wall Decor Craft from How About Orange


DIY Paper Mache Bowl Crafts

8. Paper Mache Bowl Craft from Lessons Learnt Journal


How to make paper look old

9. How To Make Paper Look Old from Scrap Happens Here


DIY Rolled Paper Flower Craft

10. DIY Rolled Paper Flower Craft from One Little Project


DIY Paper Basket Craft

11. DIY Paper Basket Craft from Down Home Inspiration


DIY Paper Hot Air Balloon Mobile

12. DIY Paper Hot Air Balloon Mobile from Persia Lou


DIY Paper Gift Bags Craft

13. DIY Paper Gift Bags from Lia Griffith


DIY Embellished Clipboard Craft

14. DIY Embellished Clipboard Craft from Mitzi’s Miscellany


DIY Oven Cupcake Box Kettle Craft

15. DIY Oven Cupcake Gift Box from Poppers and Mimi

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