15 Ways to Save Money on your Electric Bill

My fiancé and I constantly have electronics running. Whether it be computers, gaming consoles, or TVs, it’s running. Not to mention the amount of times we charge our laptops, phones, and tablets. After receiving our first couple of electric bills, we knew there had to be a way for us to lower the electric bill without sacrificing work time on the computer. Below is a list of over 15 ways to conserve energy that we have done that has started to save us more and more money every month!

15 Ways to Save Money on your Electric Bill

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15 Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bill

1. Use fluorescent light bulbs and get rid of those regular light bulbs.

2. Avoid using electric heaters, those take quite a lot of electricity!

4. If possible, try to dry your clothes on a laundry line outside when there is nice weather.

5. If you don’t use fluorescent light bulbs, try using the lower powered light bulbs.

6. Paint your rooms in a brighter color. Brigher rooms will require less lighting since they will reflect light a lot better than darker rooms.

7. An obvious way to save some money would be to turn your lights off when they’re not in use. Nowadays there are even apps available that will let you put lights on a timer so you don’t have to worry if you forgot to turn them off or not.

8. Keep your doors closed! This is a great little way to help you conserve heat.

9. Make sure to unplug your computer when your not using it.

10. Powerstrips are a great way to make sure your electronics aren’t boosting your electric bill.

11. Make sure to remove battery chargers when you’re not using them as they have a tendency to draw a lot of electricity.

12. Turn off your electronics with power save mode. They still consume energy.

13. Regularly clean your air conditioner in order to get full use without using more energy.

14. Open blinds in the morning when you wake up and close them at night before bed.

15. Clean your refrigerator at least once a month on the outside and once a week on the inside. Refrigerators can account for most of the energy use in your house so this is an important step. Check out this article for more info on how to keep your refrigerator energy effecient.

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