DIY Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries

DIY Halloween Mason Jar Craft

If you enjoy Halloween as much as us, then you’ll really like this simple mason jar craft.  Create spooky or fun Halloween designs to brighten up your stairs, windows, porches, or anything really!  This craft will add just the right touch to your Halloween festivities!

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What You Will Need:

– Mason Jars
– Acrylic Paint ( Any color will work!)
– Spongy Paint Brushes
– Tea Lights
– Sharpies

DIY Halloween Mason Jar Craft stuff

To get started, you will want to unscrew the lid off of the mason jar, as to not get any unwanted paint on it.  Apply a coat of your chosen paint all over the jar.  You may want to consider spray paint if you want to avoid blotchy paint spots and receive a smoother design.

You aren’t limited to just one coat, add a couple! This will show for a much better color of light, and paint strokes will be a lot less visible.

DIY Halloween Mason Jar Luminary Craft

After the paint dries, comes the best part; Adding your design!  Now, if you’re uncomfortable with diving right in with a Sharpie, you may lightly trace your design on the jar with a pencil until you’re satisfied with the outcome.  We just added simple designs, like pumpkins and a Frankenstein monster, but go crazy! The possibilities are limitless.

Once you have finished your sketched design, go over it with the Sharpie, filling in all desired areas. (After all, this is the part of the jar that will be seen once lit up!)

DIY Halloween Mason Jar Luminary Craft

This next step is completely up to you!  We had only completed three mason jars, so the tea candles were our best choice for lighting.  If you have more, you may want consider decorative lighting to place in and around the jars.  It really makes them stick out!

As you can see, this craft is a really simple, cheap, and fun way to get you in the Halloween mood.  These aren’t limited to outside areas, you can fill any part of your home with these jars, knock yourself out!



  1. says

    I am so making these with my 8 year old boy tomorrow. I have most of the stuff, I just need to purchase the paint. I’m not crafty, but this is pretty easy. I’m so excited to find this Halloween project. :)
    Thank you for this great idea!

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