DIY Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer

DIY Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer Craft

Have you been searching for a way to keep your many small bathroom supplies organized? Well, look no further! This simple and super cheap craft will surely help you keep your toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrushes, or whatever within organized reach, while adding a personalized touch to your bathroom.

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What you’re gonna need:

Mason Jars (3)
2 1/2″ Hose Clamps (3)
Plank of Wood
Wood Stain of Choice
Screws (3)
Sawtooth Hangers (3)

Getting Started:

To start this awesome craft, you will need to sand and stain your plank of wood (which was about 16″ long).  We chose a walnut stain, but it’s definitely up to you!  Please, let it dry before continuing.

DIY Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer

This next part is honestly a little tricky, which will be attaching the hose clamps to the wood.  It’s a bit rough to just straight drill the screws through the clamps, so we hammered a nail partially through to get it started, then proceeded with the screws.  For an organized look, put one clamp in the middle, then one to either side, evenly spread out.

DIY Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer

The next step is up to you as well!  We wanted to make it a little more personalized, so we used a glue gun to place burlap across the top of the plank.  Since it’s just my fiance and I, I added a his, hers, and ours letter style above each clamp using a Sharpie.  Again, this is totally up to you, and you don’t even have to use burlap; You can use any material you want! Also before adding the mason jars, make sure to put those sawtooth hangers on the back. We put on three because we were afraid two wouldn’t hold it since it felt heavy with the mason jars on, but so far just using the two sawtooth hangers have worked out well.

DIY Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer

Adding the mason jars to the fixture is actually really easy!  Slide the first mason jar into the first clamp.  Try to make sure the clamp is only about a third of the way from the top of the jar.  Now, you will want to tighten the clamp using a screwdriver, getting it to the desired fit.  Repeat this for the other two jars. Also don’t forget to trim off the extra metal on the hose clamp if you want, we did and it made it look a lot better.

DIY Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer

Finally, hang up your amazing mason jar holder anywhere you like! We put ours near the bathroom sing for easy access to our small toiletries (toothbrush/paste, Q-tips, hair ties, etc.).  But, like I’ve said over and over, it’s all what you want!  Just this small craft added the simplest, but cutest touch to the bathroom, and it will certainly do the same for you!

DIY Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer

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