How to Make Distressed Mason Jars

How to Make Distressed Mason Jars


Spring is in the air, and that means one thing… lots and lots of flowers! Flowers can brighten the dimmest of rooms, and your mood as well! Well, if you’re going to bring them into your home, you’re going to need one thing, a vase! Our kitchen at home has a bit of a country vibe and we wanted a vase of similar theme for our flowers. We decided to take a mason jar and create a rustic vase using only a few inexpensive items. I’ll take you through step by step on how to  create these amazing and cute distressed mason jars.

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How to Make Distressed Mason Jars

What you’ll need:

Mason Jars
Sand Paper
Acrylic Paint
Matte Finish

Step 1 – Clean out the mason jars that you are using to free them of any dust or grime. Soap and water should suffice!

Step 2 – Time to paint your jars! Take the Acrylic Paint of your choice and apply two or three coats to it, covering it completely. In order to prevent peeling, it’s best to let the jar dry overnight.

Step 3 – Now that you’ve waited a day, it’s time to give your jar that distressed look! Take a small square of Sand Paper and sand along all the raised areas of the jars, as well as the corners and sides. We added a few more distressed areas, but it’s really all about preference!

Step 4 – This next part is really up to you! Some people might really like a shinier look to their jars and why not?! Its super cool looking and should protect the paint too! In order to do this, you must first use the Matte Finish. Make sure to spray it over evenly on the jar and to let it dry completely.

Once it’s dry, your rustic mason jars are ready for use!

Like I said, we used our jars as vases, but you can use them for whatever you like! We even made a soap dispenser out of one of them. Try this out with any spare mason jars you have around the house and let me know what you use them for!


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    Neat! I always wanted to make one like this! So lovely! I so want one like this for my house! Thanks for sharing this with us at Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party! Pinned this to our board!

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